Case Study 1

Heavenely Hunks

Ridiculously amazing


Food and Beverage


Minneapolis, USA



Brand Overview:

Heavenly Hunks offers healthy-on-the-go snacks whose ingredients are sustainably sourced and free of additives. The business has a strong foundation powered by its principle – “We don’t use any ingredient you couldn’t find in your kitchen.”

The founder comes from a family of hardworking entrepreneurs who know that passion for people is the most important ingredient. That is why the “family first” mindset is what they strive to pass on to their customers, which also serves as their key ingredient. They are also dedicated to complete transparency.

Quality, honesty, and integrity are at the center of every Hunk.


Improving Catalog Management – Their catalog had no parentages and only a few ASINs were ranking very well.  They had suppressed listings and a large amount of duplicate listings.

Conversion Rate – The brand had great brand awareness but had a low conversion rate.

Creative Assets – Their creative assets showcased what the products were, but not who the brand was, what the products were made of, how they can benefit the shopper. 

Advertisement – They were running little to no advertising with less than optimal results.  While they had a high number of impressions they had a low CTR and had consistently high ACOS which demonstrated that they were targeting the wrong audience.

Account Health – The account had suppressed listings and a low IPI score.


In order to define our strategy, we started by analyzing our target market and its size. 

We then followed a plan integrated with the following elements:

  • Catalog Management
  1. Creation of parentage based off size, so that we can use top selling ASINS to drive traffic and sales to lower ranking ASINs and increase revenue on those poorer performing products.
  2. Listing creation and optimization to ensure that all products were FBA and that all flavors and all sizes had SEO optimized listings.
  3. Helping to develop new business ideas and product ideas to increase traffic and conversion.
  • Marketing & Design
  1. We used the brand’s mission and assets to create compelling A+ Content, Infographics and Copywriting to address the customers’ lifestyle communication needs.
  2. Developed a new main image to showcase the “hunks” which, through research, increased conversion rate by 25-50% (depending on flavor).
  3. Highlighted the all natural ingredients and nutritional facts in both the A+ content and the infographics to help increase awareness that healthy can taste good.
  • Advertisement
  1. We created campaigns with the main keywords, competitors, category, video and defensive targeting of our main competitors and our products to avoid customers window shopping in other listings.
  2. We continuously create value through posts so customers looking for solutions know our products.
  3. Spending on ppc strategically (maximize investment since the shoes space is crowded)
  4. PPC campaigns updates prior to the change in seasons and consumer behavior.
  • Account Health
  1. Inventory management to maintain a healthy IPI score (again due to the large catalog and many SKUs since each style and variation has several sizes).
  2. Auditing sell-through rates and processing removal orders to Heavenly Hunks’’s warehouse as needed.
  • Started with Listing creation and optimization from A-Z and building and updating their brand store to be cohesive with their own online store considering seasonality.
  • Consistent advertising goals met with average ACOS under 20% and ROAS of 5
  • Increased conversion rate by over 150%
  • Increased average weekly revenue from $20,000 to $50,000
  • Increased monthly revenue by over 200%